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Jewish-ancestry.com will help you in your quest to learn more about your family’s origins
We will provide you with the expertise of our team whether you need an in-depth multi-generational transcontinental study of your family history
Warren Green

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Jewish-ancestry.com will help you in your quest to learn more about your family's origins be they in Odessa, Ukraine or Odessa, Texas; Rome, Italy or Rome, New York, Alexandria, Egypt or Alexandria, Virginia.

Jewish ancestry shell makes use of your family's collective memories; archival holdings and communal records on seven continents to provide you with a detailed chronicle of your forefather's past.  

Jewish ancestry services based on details provided by you, we can begin to document the journey of your family from its Old World roots to life in your hometown in the 21st century.

Because of skills acquired over the course of time, Jewish ancestry are able to find a name, a face and a life story to relatives whom you never knew existed.

Jewish ancestry will help unravel the details and try to solve the mysteries from your family's past.

Jewish ancestry trained researchers will provide the much needed expertise to get you past the wall or dead-end which frustrated you in previous attempts to trace your family's history.

Warren Green, a former staff historian of the Conference on Jewish Claims Against Germany, has helped develop a Holocaust Archive database used by the American, European and Israeli staffs to assist in documenting and authenticating Survivors' claims. Read More...

Provide a memorable gift for any type of family celebration like birthdays, anniversaries, bnei/bnot mitzvah ceremonies
Track down documents, photographs and out-of-print books which are relevant to your search about your family’s past
Find documents to substantiate title claims for dormant Israeli bank accounts and/or Israeli or East European property titles held by victims of the Holocaust
Get you in contact with long-lost relatives and friends
Translate monument engravings and Jewish religious texts
Identify and interpret government documents
Analyze personal letters, greeting cards and family photographs

Warren Green, 501 Martense Avenue, Teaneck, NJ 07666, TEL: +(201) 692-0791

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